U-PVC Accessories

U-PVC Accessories

These UPVC sliding doors are designed to meet the architectural and decorative expectations and for improving living comfort of the customers. Manufactured with precision, these sliding doors are incredibly durable & strong and can resist tough weather conditions. All our doors have multi-chambers which provide better acoustic .

Further, we are also capable to customize these doors as per the requirements of the clients.


88/60 End Cup

Code: EG-036

Weight: 0.22 Kg/m

Outside Window Sash

Code: EG-015

Weight: 1.31 Kg/m


Code: EG-019

Weight: 1.10 Kg/m

35 mm glazing bead

Code: EG-022-1

Weight: 0.27 Kg/m


88/90° Round Corner

Code: EG-080

Weight: 1.17 Kg/m

80 Panel

Code: EG-010

Weight: 0.35 Kg/m

88/90° Round Corner

Code: EG-011

Weight: 0.90 Kg/m

80 End Cap

Code: EG-061

Weight: 0.20 Kg/m